I produce national video and print advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. My work includes award winning projects ranging in size from $50k to $1 million plus. With impeccable organization and attention to detail, I ensure each project is completed correctly, on time and within budget. Clients include American Express, AT&T, Chinet, Cigna, Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific, Mercedes Benz, NASCAR, NFL, Piedmont Hospitals, Rooms To Go, Smith & Wesson, Southern Company, Tandus Centiva, Toyota, Turner Networks, Troy University, Yellawood, and the United States Marine Corps.


A friend once described me as “all boy.”  I laughed when she made that statement... because it’s true.  I’m definitely a “man’s man” type of guy with a “Type A” personality.  In other words... very hard working, determined, self sufficient and extremely competitive.  I’m also honest.  In fact, maybe too honest at times.  I don’t beat around the bush.  Why should I?  I mean what I say... and say what I mean.  I also try and do what I say... and say as I do.  I’m a neat freak.  A former US Marine.  A toughy on the outside, but a softy on the inside.  Conservative, both politically and financially.  A bit introverted around folks I don’t know, but an open book around my friends and family.  I prefer quality over quantity in every aspect of life... especially relationships.  My “love language” is quality time.  I appreciate sharing life (the good and the bad) with those closest to me.  I am “southern” inside and out.  I say “yes ma’am,” even to women younger than myself.  And if you happen to catch a ride with me in the truck, you will most likely hear country music or talk radio.  I try not to watch too much television, but when I do, it’s usually ESPN, Fox News or the History Channel.  During my down time, I enjoy watching sports, running, reading, writing, cooking, antique shopping, playing poker with my best friends, traveling and of course watching a good movie or documentary.

The most important fact you will learn about me is I'm unashamedly a Christian.  And because I am, I know without a doubt my Heavenly Father wants what's best for me.  In short, to have an intimate relationship with Himself.  Yes, I've made some poor choices in the past... and hopefully, I’ll make fewer in the days ahead; however, the good news is He not only forgives my faults and failures, but uses them to shape me into the person I want to become.  The older I get, the more I realize the simple truth WHO we are is far more important compared to WHAT we accomplish.  Now, I'm not foolish enough to think I have all the answers to the questions life throws our way.  In fact, I'll admit there are far more things in this life I don't understand, compared to the simple things I do, but can I encourage you with a few truths I've learned along the way?  Life is truly precious, but short; therefore, one should live it to the fullest with those he or she loves the most.  Laugh alot.  Cry (and forgive) when needed.  Pray often.  Don't worry about tomorrow.  Remember that money doesn't equal happiness.  Character and integrity really do count.  There is a right and wrong in every circumstance and decision we face... and we are given the freedom to choose between the two.  And most importantly, God loves us all more than we will ever comprehend.... which is the greatest gift of all.

When it comes to my profession, thankfully, I've been awarded the opportunity to produce several types of projects.  As a result, I've had the privilege to work with a very diverse group of people.  From very creative and talented crew... to the world's most famous celebrities... to the forgotten homeless, or inmates on death row.  I've also worked in several types of environments, including some of the most luxurious homes and commercial properties in the world... to the darkest and most remote places on earth.  Regardless of the scope and size of the project, each production is treated the same... with excellence.  My strongest and most proven assets are ensuring each job is completed correctly, on time and within the established budget.  Simply put, I can't wait for the phone to ring with the next project.  I love what I do... and Lord willing, will continue to work in this field until my last breath.

So, what is your next project and why haven’t you called me yet?  C’mon.... give me a call so we can get started and have some fun along the way.

Whether it’s an industrial, commercial, documentary, feature film or print project, I budget, schedule and manage all resources to ensure efforts not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the client.  If you are looking for someone to produce your next project, please contact me.


Stephen Ostrander | Producer

2451 Cumberland Pkwy.

Suite 3224

Atlanta,  GA  30339




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